Thursday, 14 December 2017

#52Stories, Week 47, In what ways do you sacrifice your time to volunteer in your community ? Do you serve at church, at a local school, at charitable or civic organisations, one-on-one in your neighbourhood ?

Right now, I don’t.

I did have good intentions when I moved that I would get involved with things while I was looking for work. But really, looking for work seems a tad more important right now – tricky as it appears to be.

In the past though there have been a few occasions where I have been a volunteer.

Collecting for charities; Red Cross, SPCA, Plunket…

Brownie leader, Pippin leader, Division/District Commissioner/Coordinator with GirlGuidingNZ and all my “other” daughters.

Wellington City Ambassador – greeting cruise passengers and welcoming them to Wellington, answering questions, making suggestions for activites and giving directions

All of them lots of fun – and soon I am sure I will find something else to do as well.

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