Monday, 11 December 2017

#52Stories, Week 45, What environmental issues are most important to you ? Air and water pollution, climate change, recycling, deforestation, endangered/threatened species, renewable energy ?

Plastic, people.


It is the evil which is destroying our water,
killing sealife, birdlife and in the end the ENTIRE planet.

Stop using it,
stop buying it,
stop accepting that e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g needs to be packaged in it.

Use beeswax wraps, glass containers, paper packaging, take your own bags shopping for produce and any sort of shopping.
Say NO to the plastic bag.

It starts with us.
The more of us saying NO,
the sooner the producers of this evil will need to CHANGE their business plan.

Be a conscious shopper
Be a conscious recycler
Lobby your council to have a regular organic rubbish collection
THINK about what you are sending to landfill

Watch this  
change your ways.

It starts with US

So, there is that rant…

…don’t let me get started on the filthy dairy industry polluting our waterways,
ruining our land, overproducing milk, dumping milk, manipulating the natural breeding patterns of dairy herds

...or deforestation and climate change

For generations we lived sustainably on this ball of earth floating in the universe. The past 2 centuries have seen great changes technologically, but they have come with a total disregard to the planet which has nurtured us so well.

It starts with US

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  1. Interesting article in The Times this morning quoting Blue Planet 2, suggests that 95% of the 8 million tons of plastic washed out to sea each year comes from just 10 rivers in Africa and Asia. All the UK 5p plastic bags and bans in the US will have limited affect on that problem.