Thursday, 13 July 2017

Life takes you on a surprise journey sometimes

When you least expect it something falls into place and life gets taken on a wild ride. That is what happened to me last week. I’ve been umming and aahing. To move or not to move. Or more like; to move but when to move.

I’ll tell you when – 4 weeks from NOW ! Get your skates on ! There is no time to be shell shocked there is masses to do !

I have been contemplating some online study with an institution across the ditch. Online you say, sounds fairly simple, you can do that from anywhere. Apparently not. You must be resident on the Island to the West of where I am now.

So while I was contemplating that, and where to settle, someone else changed tack and decided to look at roles which were specifically recruiting from these fair shores. No worries about gaining local certification prior to applying which had been stymying earlier applications. Hey presto – snapped up in an instant. Like a fresh worm on the hook.

It began like a pebble rolling down the hill gathering speed and size, but in truth it grew into a boulder pretty instantly and it has just been 7 days. The wheels are in motion, I just have to keep up.

All those plans to sort boxes and downsize that have been disregarded and casually postponed have come crashing home to roost. The race is on now. Maybe I will finally find some of the things which have been lost since the 2014 move. Hope so. Although, do I really need them ?

Anyways, that is why I have been fairly quiet recently on all fronts - I'm quietly panicking and getting organised and time is short.

I'm enrolled in my first paper as well - let the fun begin !!

Farewell Auckland, hello Bendigo.