Monday, 11 December 2017

#52Stories, Week 45, What environmental issues are most important to you ? Air and water pollution, climate change, recycling, deforestation, endangered/threatened species, renewable energy ?

Plastic, people.


It is the evil which is destroying our water,
killing sealife, birdlife and in the end the ENTIRE planet.

Stop using it,
stop buying it,
stop accepting that e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g needs to be packaged in it.

Use beeswax wraps, glass containers, paper packaging, take your own bags shopping for produce and any sort of shopping.
Say NO to the plastic bag.

It starts with us.
The more of us saying NO,
the sooner the producers of this evil will need to CHANGE their business plan.

Be a conscious shopper
Be a conscious recycler
Lobby your council to have a regular organic rubbish collection
THINK about what you are sending to landfill

Watch this  
change your ways.

It starts with US

So, there is that rant…

…don’t let me get started on the filthy dairy industry polluting our waterways,
ruining our land, overproducing milk, dumping milk, manipulating the natural breeding patterns of dairy herds

...or deforestation and climate change

For generations we lived sustainably on this ball of earth floating in the universe. The past 2 centuries have seen great changes technologically, but they have come with a total disregard to the planet which has nurtured us so well.

It starts with US

Friday, 10 November 2017

#52Stories, Week 44, Memorabilia

Since I wrote about mealtimes a month or so ago, I’ve been thinking about other childhood memories. Combine that with the focus of my study right now – Oral History – there has been a whole lot of thinking going on.

One reading for my course focused on the memories attached to objects like photos and bric-a-brac or even appliances ! In this article the family photographed every room and wall in their mother’s home after she had passed away, to preserve the memory of how her home looked. That was something I never thought of. The idea was that although someone might think they had no memory of a particular event, the photograph might uncover a lost thought. I can see how that might work.

Anyways, it got me thinking about objects I have accumulated and where they came from.

In one of my boxes there is a 45 (you all know what they are – right ?) in a worn paper sleeve with tracks such as Old King Cole and Little Boy Blue which used to get played again and again on the radiogram at Nana’s. The disc would sit at the top of the spindle and drop to the mat and play the tunes we loved so much. Interestingly that same radiogram is now a treasured belonging of Lauren. It doesn’t work now, need to get that sorted.

I have some of Nana’s cookbooks and a collection of ornaments that used to live in the china cabinet. I think we all chose something from there to keep. I also have a few other little containers which I think came from my other Nana’s home.

In my brother’s garage there is a well loved light brown Morris Minor. We all have memories of that car I think. Trips to the Lake, the garden centre, Whakamaru, the Mount, the pool at Cambridge (and breaking down on the way home and needing to get towed), to Te Awamutu, Auckland and even all the way to Wellington.

Then there are photos, the memories attached to some of these are gone now as there is no-one to tell them. Others still have memories which can be shared – just need to work out the best way to record all of them.

One thing in the reading article was the “magic” toaster – it got me thinking about toasters. Ours was one with doors – is that what you’d call them ? You had to toast the bread one side at a time, opening and closing the “door” to turn it over. A pop-up toaster was along time coming in our house. Toast also arrived at the breakfast table on a toast rack ! I need to get back to that. It seemed like a more mindful way to start the day, rather than the rush it often is – to get up, eat and get out the door these days.

Sunday, 22 October 2017

#52Stories, Week 43, How do you believe the human race came into existence on this planet at this time ? Do you believe in religious explanations, scientific theories, or other conclusions ?

So this could be controversial.

Big Bang ?
Creationsim ?
Bible stories ?
Intergalactic travellers ?

It could be any of them. Who really knows ? George Lucas may be right. Alderaan looked pretty Earth like, even Naboo and Tatooine could be mistaken for some parts of our planet.

We are animals. Like other animals we share Earth with, we live in communities – mostly in peace. We have evolved, as some of them have too. We are the same but different. We have embraced technology and are on our way to destroying the planet with our consumerist materialism and excessive waste.

We are homosapiens, but also part Neanderthal, we’ve been here awhile. Were we here with the dinosaurs and managed to survive the big freeze ? Or did we come later ?

Whatever happened and whenever or how it happened every religion has the SAME story in their teaching, with similar values and similar festivals. So maybe there is some truth in those tomes. In our hunger for technology we just haven’t unravelled the riddle yet.

Whichever theory you believe is up to you, and I accept that we will all have different opinions. I'm not sure myself and I don't have any strong leanings one way or the other. Logically science seems like the winner, but I feel there must also have been an event that resulted in those stories in the Torah, Bible and Koran. Surely ?

Anyway, one thing is for sure. We ALL need to take better care of our home. We need to work together in a balanced and controlled way to ensure that neither pollution nor a minor community ends up destroying Earth. That is one big bang we don’t need.

If we are to survive here while searching for our own Alderaan, Kobol or Risa out there amongst the exoplanets in other galaxies we need to be sure we are all on the same page. 

There is no Planet B, we can’t leave home just yet.

Sunday Funday

It was a glorious day last Sunday - quite a contrast to today. We went for a walk to check out the wildlife and soak up some rays.

TURTLES !! There are turtles in the lake - can you see the one photobombing the ducklings ?

Then on the way home - love the patterns from the wrought iron fencing on the footpath

A day trip to the big smoke by rail

Last weekend we made a trip to Melbourne, to get a fix of big city vibes - since we are city girls at heart.

The main attraction was going to see a show. The Book of Mormon. We'd known about it for sometime. It was on when we were in LA, but there was no time then. We thought about a return trip to the US to include it, a trip from Auckland to see it in Melbourne - when we learned it was there. Much closer to home. Now though - even closer.

It was an early start, to make the most of the day. We were surprised just how many other people were catching the train as early as us...on a Saturday.

Two hours there, two hours back - but eight hours of giant city atmosphere. It was a chilly morning - the tall buildings preventing the sun getting to pavement level in some streets. We wished we had thought about that more and brought an extra layer. Nevertheless, we wandered the streets. Found our way to laneways we had visited in the past and ate a delicious late breakfast. Then some shopping, and exploring other hidden laneways - famous for street art. Dodging other shutterbugs, waiting our turn for the perfect shot, quietly cursing the ones who have to take a photo of e-v-e-r-y s-i-n-g-l-e person in their posse in front of the wall (isn't the ART the attraction ?)

Then down to the river, and a wander to the Treasury Gardens and Fitzroy Gardens soaking up the architecture, the sun, the gloriousness of large trees and manicured parks. That feeling of solitude and solace while in the centre of the 2nd largest city in Australia (population 4.4million (2016) - the whole of New Zealand in one city)

And then the show. HILARIOUS. By far one of the best I have seen in in a while, if not ever. It is off to Sydney in the new year, so maybe a trip to see it again. If not, there are plenty of others to see in Melbourne - some even come to little ol' Bendigo too !

And then the ride back home and begin to plan the next trip...Christmas shopping maybe ?

#52Stories, Week 42, What do you believe are the necessary ingredients and habits for a good, moral, purposeful life ? How are you striving to live up to those ideals ?

Hmmm, these topics I have chosen for October are a bit deep and meaningful. I will see if I can stick with what I chose for the whole month !

Here is my list of the necessary ingredients and habits for a good, moral, purposeful life:


We should all harbour some intolerance to be able to facilitate change, but should not allow that intolerance to consume our lives or take away OUR enjoyment in life or alter the way that we see people and treat them if they or their actions and beliefs are different to ours.

How am I doing ?

I think I am fairly honest and open about my beliefs and feelings.
I respect others, accept their differences of opinions or beliefs.
I welcome diversity.
I am curious about the world and my surroundings.
I enjoy being part of a community.
I make time to do things for me – alone.
I include activities daily that allow me to practice mindfulness.
I like the simple things, no waste, good food, nature...
I try not to be negative, but to always see opportunities instead.
I love those who are near and dear to me.
I cannot change the world.
I can choose my own path.

I have hopes and dreams…

Sunday, 8 October 2017

#52Stories, Week 41, What were the faith and religious traditions of your ancestors ? How did those traditions influence the course of their lives and by extension, your life today ?

One thing about family history research – you get to read all sorts of church records. In English, often badly written. In Latin, trying to remember those lessons from college (Latin is a language as dead as dead can be, first it killed the Romans and now it’s killing me) In French, same thing.

So faith and religious traditions of my ancestors ?

Originally I guess they were Pagan. Eventually they'd all have been Catholic – who wouldn’t be ? The desire to stay alive was probably a big influencer for that choice. Then came the reformation – and for the same reasons that they hadn’t dared to stray from the path before – they switched.

Some though were Protestant in defiance of the “norm”. They were Huguenots, persecuted in France and Belgium and exiled themselves to England from the mid 1500’s. They settled in the Spitalfields area of London and carried on their trade as silk weavers, attending L’Église Protestante Française on Threadneedle Street.

Eventually though all branches on the tree seem to have become members of the established church – the Church of England.

Over time some left, following other protestant evangelists, but many still bound to the established church for ceremonies. Inspired by alternative ideals they joined the Salvation Army, the Latter Day Saints or becoming Methodist, Primitive Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist.

Some were heavily involved with the faith that they chose and followed.

Henry James, great great great grandfather was a lay preacher at his Primitive Methodist chapel in Dudley.

John Daniels, brother of my great great grandmother left Wiltshire with his family to settle in Utah. His eldest daughter Mary married Jesse Gardiner in 1873. He had returned from Utah with other Elders in 1872 to preach the gospel on the Bristol Conference. Mary later contested his will after their marriage was declared illegal when the church changed its stance on polygamous marriage.

Julius Horskins, first cousin of my great grandfather joined the Salvation Army after attending meetings near his home in Notting Hill as a 12 year old. He went on to work in the West Indies, Costa Rica, India, South Africa and became Commissioner of Australia and New Zealand.

Thomas Morrison, first cousin of my grandmother, born in New Zealand to immigrant parents. Joined the Mormon church and sailed with fellow congregationalists to San Francisco and travelled to Utah where he raised his families and established a well known business - Morrisons Pies.

Violet Timms, sister of my grandmother, joined the Baptist Church and trained as a missionary to serve in India.