Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Take it Easy

There is a song for you to get inside your heads.

Taking it easy, isn't what we have been doing. We've been really busy today. First we drove further east and made a stop to see the Meteor crater - appropriately down Meteor Crater Rd !! It is jawdropping ! SO much larger than I had thought it was going to be - and so much busier too,

There is a wildfire somewhere near by and the smoke was hanging about making the air hazy and visibility not as great as it could have been. Never mind, the breeze was starting to blow by the time we left though so maybe it improved later in the day.

We jumped back in the car and headed for our next destination. Winslow, Arizona. This should be on the bucket list of every Eagles fan - and actually any music buff. What a cool wee town it is. We strolled about a bit, posed in the appropriate places and then had some lunch at the Sipp Shop, complete with proper sodas.

Sing it !! You know you want to...

"Well, I'm a standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona 
and such a fine sight to see. 
It's a girl, my Lord, in a flatbed Ford 
slowin' down to take a look at me"

And then back in the car, back to where we had started the day and then further northwest. We climbed to 8000ft above sea level as we crossed over part of Humphrey's Peak - which is just a teeny bit higher than Aoraki, Mt Cook. We came across the second wildfire of the day, this one though was actually relatively close to the road, but not a danger.

We joined the hundreds of other visitors to Grand Canyon National Park and eventually found a park - thanks to a couple of girls who were just leaving and offered us theirs. We wandered around the visitor centre and then walked to the Mather Point outlook. 

This too was so much to comprehend, SO much wider and deeper than I had imagined it would be. We couldn't believe the people who climbed over barriers and walked (untethered) to rocky outcrops !! Most people though stayed on the right side of the barriers appreciated the view like us.

  (was a teeny bit breezy there too - near the rim)

On our way back to Flagstaff we stopped at this gorgeous wee building we had spotted on the way over. 

And then it was time to think about dinner, washing and whether we were going to have time to try and do some astro-photography while we were in a dark sky city. But, we have an early morning tomorrow, so we might have to try that somewhere else, and hope the lights aren't too bright.

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