Saturday, 11 June 2016

Food and some sightseeing

Before I begin, my previous post was #100 - woo-hoo. Just felt it needed to be noted.

Anyway, back to it now. 

There has been a lot of anticipation about coming to Utah. For me, I wanted to see where the newly discovered rellies had lived, what sort of country they had settled, and where they had made their lives. I actually phoned a distant cousin before we left Kanab, to say hello. It was her birthday though (better remember to add that to the family tree) so we decided to forgo trying to meet up, and we will write to each other once I am back home.

This morning we wandered through the city centre and Temple Square and soaked up the atmosphere. Next time I am going to make sure I have a few spare hours or days to immerse myself in the records at the Family History Library. We had a bit of a drive around Ogden as well, where some people lived - and may still - and to check out the locations seen in a favourite movie.

But mostly, we have had GREAT food. A list of recommendations had been collected from some recent posts on welltraveledwife blog. Everything we have tried has been d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s !

When we were in Kanab, we found shaved ice, being sold from a caravan over the road from the hotel. Just what was needed on a hot hot afternoon.

Later the staff at our hotel recommended eating at Houstons Trail End and specifically that we should have pie. Sadly we forgot about portion sizes and didn't have enough room for the deliciousness that was on offer.

So, pie was added to the list of must haves. 

On our detour to Bryce Canyon we found a diner, which turned out to be more of a hamburger/hotdog joint - but it was lunch, although it didn't really rate that well. Had to be done though.


Fortunately I missed a turn off a little later on our trip north to Salt Lake and we ended up going through Salina where Mom's Cafe serves up delicious pie and pretty good coffee too.

Then last night we ate at Cafe Rio a mexican grill where everything is fresh from the farm to the table including the tortillas made right in front of you. They're a bit of a chain, but feel so much better than all those run of the mill ones we have.

Needless to say we were pretty full, by the time we had eaten all of these things in one day. And all had offered excellent vegetarian options as well which was a lovely surprise. Many offered gluten free as well.

This morning, the next places on the list were added to our itinerary.

Breakfast at The Protein Foundry in Cottonwoods. So delicious, what a way to start the day - we are even going back tomorrow for smoothies to go, as there was just so much to choose from on the menu.

I have to say too, just as an aside, I LOVE the granola you get here. So much nicer than ours back home. Anyway, off the the next places. We went shopping in downtown - but mostly window-shopping and then the plan was to walk to Even Stevens for lunch. Which we did after grabbing a drink from Starbucks (as you do) and which has so many more choices than those on offer back home.

The folk at Even Stevens have a great initiative, where for every sandwich bought they donate a sandwich to a non-profit organisation working with people requiring shelter and food. There are many businesses here who have great initiatives like this. A real community feel, where humans actually care about and respect each other. (Pickles and chips as a side - was a bit reminiscent of England I thought)

We made a visit to RubySnap - if you are ever in Salt Lake you need to check out the deliciousness of these cookies. We had a great chat to the staff there, SO friendly and one of whom had spent some time in New Zealand and wanted to share her experiences, and for us to share ours.

Then tonight after thinking we might try something from In n Out, we discovered they are just like the other well known chains and don't offer anything vegetarian. So we went to Zao - another of the eateries recommended on the welltraveledwife blog. It as delicious as well - although we were both unable to finish because of all the other goodies we had eaten through the day.

All of the staff we have met, including the retail staff who just bend over backwards to help, and who really take an interest in who you are and what you are looking for, have been amazing.

Ooh, I almost forgot - I bought some shoes today. TOMS. Another great little business with a giving back to the community initiative. For every pair of shoes sold they help a person in need. It started with shoes and it has expanded now to water, sight, safe births and preventing bullying.

...don't go thinking I have forgotten the pictures of the kitty cats at Best Friends the other day either. I'm still working on that.