Sunday, 12 June 2016

Driving, driving, driving

So today we farewelled Salt Lake City and Utah and drove almost all the way across Nevada.

The weather was cooler and the skies greyer so driving was much more enjoyable. We didn't stop as much to take photos though as there were never stopping places quite where the scenery was.

We stopped at the Casino just over the border for coffee - just as it started to rain. Actual rain. I don't think it had been forecast for that far north so early in the day but it was a nice surprise. Also don't laugh - we did stop for coffee, they have a Starbucks there. We also made 50 cents on a pokie machine while we were waiting - a good result.

We made a couple more stops for food and petrol and arrived at Carson City about 5pm after a quick detour to the drugstore (pharmacy) for cold remedies for me. Our arrival here was greeted  with thunder and heavy rain. Someone was VERY happy with this development. Now we are all checked in, washing done and dinner eaten.

Here are the pics from the two photo stops we did have today. Also I think there are salt pans in Nevada as well ? Some research will need to be done to confim this I feel.