Thursday, 9 June 2016

A different sort of day today,

We were up just after sunrise this morning, and on the road by 6am - why you ask ? Because we had a schedule to meet, and Arizona does not observe daylight saving, but just a bit north - Utah does.

 So anyway, we headed north to Page, past some incredible rock formations and stopped at the summit to admire the view. 

Just past Page is the Glen Canyon Dam on Lake Powell, so that was a photo stop too.

Anyway, like I said we had a schedule to follow and couldn't afford to dilly dally too much. Just before lunch (as planned) we arrived at Kanab which seems to be a lovely town just over the border in Utah. There are so many National Parks & Forests as well as State Parks and more in the area that visitors and locals are spoilt for choice.

Our activity for the afternoon was at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary just north of Kanab near Angel Canyon. We followed the signs to the visitor centre and were then directed up the road (to the other side of the sanctuary) where we could get lunch for $5. Best lunch we have had since leaving Santa Monica, and because it is an animal focused organisation - completely vegan or vegetarian. Very tasty. Then back to the visitor centre for our orientation and we were off. We spent the entire afternoon playing with cats in one of the houses they live in at the sanctuary. They run tours throughout the day for those who aren't able to volunteer and have two shifts for volunteers each day. We registered, and picked our day and time ages ago, and have been looking forward to the experience ever since.There are dogs, cats, birds, horses, pigs - all sorts, and you can specify your choice of animal and experience. It was lovely and relaxing after all the racing about we have done. Chillin' with the kitties, some of whom seek out attention and others who are still a bit unsure about humans - but all benefit from the socialisation, even if they wont come too close. (There would be many many photos, but icloud isn't being nice and uploading everything as quickly as I would like)

After our shift was over, we made our way back to Kanab and found our hotel for the night. We went for a walk to find dinner but weren't very successful. So we came back to the hotel and asked for recommendations. That done we found it and enjoyed our meal.

After dinner we went for a drive to Zion National Park. Another jaw dropping experience. Your eyes just don't know where to look - and remember that mine should also be looking at the road. There are no words to describe these places - and we still have so much more to see !