Thursday, 26 July 2018

#52Ancestors, Week 29, Music

Music is everywhere. From the chirruping tweeting of the birds in the garden, buzzing bees and other wildlife to the cacophony of other more industrial objects, cars, planes, machinery.

I had piano lessons, learnt recorder, tried to learn guitar. I have a collection of vinyl, cassettes and cds bought over time to play favourite songs and bands. Some digitising might need to happen to still enjoy cassettes though.

Radios and record playing were part of growing up with family and friends. Concert going and live music at pubs. In the car too, on the radio, cassette or cd.

Now there are iTunes and Spotify enabling us to take our music with us – anywhere – without wires and cables.

But it is all in our heads still, stored away in our mind’s filing cabinet waiting for that little trigger to suddenly make it the only thing we can think of (and hum and sing) for DAYS !

Other people in the family played instruments in the past too; violin, saxophone, piano. Others sang and danced on stage or just at family gatherings.

It’s the rhythm of life.

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