Friday, 26 January 2018

Where to from here ?

So, it’s been six months and it is looking like Bendigo isn’t all that it seemed, or that I had hoped.

Admittedly even at the outset, it did feel as if the job market was smaller and slower than other potential destinations, but I didn’t expect that it would be this small, insular or nepotistic. I’ve lost count of how many roles I have applied for, but can count the interviews on one hand.

I have started applying further afield, not quite in Melbourne, but closer. Having no car is a bit of a pain – just for the impulsivity and convenience more than anything. Public transport takes about the same time to get places anyway. On the plus side, all the walking is doing me good healthwise.

Now, it is back to that catch-22 – move and hope someone will rent me a property while still looking for work, or travel back and forth to interviews; get the job and THEN find somewhere to live. What is that ABBA song ?

Meanwhile, I still really LIKE Bendigo – even if the heat takes all the fun out of enjoying the outdoors right now. It is such a walkable little city, filled with parks and ancient trees, birdlife and other creatures, community events…

On the other hand, the little city which is trying to promote itself as the place to be in regional Victoria is struggling to keep retailers in town. So many stores have become empty since we arrived. Planning for the future and sustainability sounds optimistic, but seeing anything come of it seems like it is a l-o-n-g way off. Home building is exploding – but the house market seems sluggish too. Almost like development for development’s sake, and the buy in regional Victoria housing assistance schemes don’t seem like such a great deal if there is no work to be had.

SO frustrating because I could really make a home for myself here. Maybe in another life.

2018 I have hopes that you will be better than 2017 – so far, not convinced. Already, plans to make a trip back to NZ early this year have been shelved. (Anyone know anyone looking for Ed Sheeran tickets in Dunedin ?)

In other news, if I can sell said concert tickets I will be able to pay (and start) the 4th unit in my Diploma. Almost halfway ! If everything else comes together, the earliest I could graduate is December 2018 ! Now that is something I hadn’t quite anticipated.

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