Saturday, 2 September 2017

#52Stories, Week 31, How many different states and countries have you visited throughout your life ? Which were your favourites ?

Let me see then - there aren’t that many,

          New South Wales
          South Australia
          Australian Capital Territory




US of A:

Which one was my favourite ? I don’t know if I can choose. They all had their own unique appeal. They are all places I have either returned to many times, or plan to.

This almost leads into another topic ‘Have you ever travelled to a place that you could imagine yourself moving to permanently ? What did you love about it ? What does it offer that can’t be found at home ?;

The answer to this question – almost everywhere ! The challenge of starting again, of finding your way, of fitting in. There are just two places which spring to mind that I wouldn’t want to move to. Sorry if they are your fave places – Wolverhampton and San Francisco.

Wolverhampton just seemed to be run down and with no heart or vibrancy when we were there. Maybe we were just in the wrong places, or there at the wrong time. Maybe it was just that they put GOLDEN SYRUP on my hotcakes at McDonalds instead of maple syrup…

San Francisco – I had such high hopes. Maybe it was because I had a cold and wasn’t feeling 100%. It just didn’t live up to my expectations.

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