Saturday, 2 September 2017

#52Stories, Week 30, If it is true that “home is where the heart is”, what are the barest essentials you would need to make any place a home ?

Well this is a bit timely. When this was meant to be written life was a bit chaotic. Filled with downsizing and decluttering. Now, living is very minimal while we wait impatiently for what was left after the decluttering, to make its way across the sea.

So what are the barest essentials ?

·         A bed and fresh linen.
·         A light to read by.
·         A chair to sit in. Maybe not the one which I have right now, but the one I wanted, that you could curl up in and relax with a book or watch a movie. Why can’t you just buy “off the floor” and why does everything take 6 weeks ?
·         Something to read
·         Unlimited data
·         Laptop & phone
·         Flowers, fresh from the market or wherever else you can get them fresh
·         Somewhere to cook or bake – and the ingredients. Even just flour, salt, baking powder butter and milk is enough to satisfy that basic urge to bake (scones, pikelets – comfort food)
·         A great shower – not one that just trickles and wets you.
·         A fridge
·         A nearby laundromat or a washing machine.

Although we have most of these things right now, or the ability to have them, there are a few other things I will be pleased to see again once they arrive ! - like a couch to stretch out on. 

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