Thursday, 5 January 2017

Being a tourist in my own country

So, I know I declared to many that this summer would not be filled with road-trips in stationary traffic and that I would be island hopping instead. Ooops.

There has been one trip to the best Berry Farm in the land, and we are still eating the last of their strawberries and blueberries. It must be almost time to go again.

On New Year's Day I DID catch a ferry. Across the harbour and then walked to the tennis centre to be part of the charity match for Kaikoura. A doubles match between Venus & Serena Williams and Julian and Ardie Savea. Plus a few others who stepped up for the fun.

Yesterday, we decided to get up early and beat the traffic and head to Rotorua to visit a geothermal attraction. It wasn't supposed to be a hot day, so perfect for a road-trip.

We went to Wai-o-tapu which is south of Rotorua on SH5, on the way to Taupo. There are plenty of attractions to choose from around Rotorua if you want to see geothermal phenomena occurring naturally. We chose this one because we had heard about the amazing colours at the Champagne Pool. We had seen pictures, but how accurate where they ? (Everyone uses filters these days, don't they ?)

I'll tell you what - you don't need a filter at all. The colour is just brilliant all by itself.

The sulphur smell though could do with a filter. Jokes, it wasn't so bad until the wind wafted hot steam from the surface of the lake all over you. It permeates your skin though and we could smell it all the way home.

We even found some proper mud pools which we could see without paying an entrance fee, before we started on our journey home.

Where to next ?

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