Friday, 6 January 2017

#52Stories, Week 1, What goals do you hope to achieve this year ?

I have been inspired to challenge myself to #52Stories to define "my dash" - a project to help people get started writing their family history for the next generations. The project is being promoted by Family Search you can download the printables and just get started. Each week they will also share a question on social media that you can use to write your paragraph, story or even a few lines. By the end of the year, there should be 52 stories.

So, welcome to week 1.

My first goal will be to complete this challenge. I have marked it in my calendar to remind myself each week.

I don't think I am a very goal oriented person, so this could be a very short list !

  1. Write a story every week, to complete the #52Stories challenge 😊
  2. Sell or giveaway objects that have been packed, can be replaced and cost too much to keep moving and storing. (anyone in the market for a washing machine, drier, fridge, leather lounge suite ? - keep an eye on Trademe)
  3. Save some money
  4. Find a more rewarding way to make money - new role ?
  5. Get a bit more socially involved - this last inter-city move has been a fairly lonely time
  6. Live on my own (again) - probably not in Auckland then...
  7. Be more organised for Christmas 2017 
  8. Get fitter - there are some legendary walks I would like to do one day soon
  9. Plan new travel adventures
  10. DNA confirm 16 great great grandparents (or even better 32 great great great grandparents - could I dare hope for 64 great great great grandparents)
Well, there are ten goals of some sort or another. Not so bad for a not very goal oriented person. In 52 weeks time we will all know how successful (or not) I have been in achieving them.

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