Wednesday, 30 August 2017

#52Stories, Week 26, Halfway point - Goal Review

I’ve just added this one in, because it is week 26 after all. What were those goals I set way back at the beginning of the year ? What progress have I made ?

Here is the list I made in Week 1: (and comments in italics afterward)

1.    Write a story every week, to complete the #52Stories challenge - there have been a few hiccups where I have been racing to keep up, or catch up but I'm on track and still feel confident that I will get there in the end
2.    Sell or giveaway objects that have been packed, can be replaced and cost too much to keep moving and storing. (anyone in the market for a washing machine, drier, fridge, leather lounger suite ? - keep an eye on Trademe) - DONE !! when this post was meant to be written there had been some sorting done (at Christmas) and a couple of items had been sold on Trademe
3.    Save some money - Ummm
4.    Find a more rewarding way to make money - new role ? - some soul searching and looking for opportunities to study (what where when ?)
5.    Get a bit more socially involved - this last inter-city move has been a fairly lonely time - work in progress
6.    Live on my own (again) - probably not in Auckland then...- this one too is a work in progress
7.    Be more organised for Christmas 2017 - time will tell
8.    Get fitter - there are some legendary walks I would like to do one day soon - still working on this one too
9.    Plan new travel adventures - had a week in Canberra, somewhere I had never been and such a cool little city too. I will be going back there for sure. So many festivals to enjoy
10. DNA confirm 16 great great grandparents (or even better 32 great great great grandparents - could I dare hope for 64 great great great great grandparents) - 13 great great grandparents proven by DNA; 11 great great great grandparents (plus a couple of others I'm working on to be sure)

Not looking too bad so far.

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