Monday, 3 April 2017

#52Stories, Week 14, In childhood, did you share a bedroom with siblings or have a room to yourself ? What kind of things did you collect and display in your little corner of the world ?

I had my own room. Sometimes I used to wish I has a sister to share with. The only times I shared was when someone came to stay and I moved into my brother's room, or if I had a friend stay over.

Mostly though the spare bed in my room was buried by things. I kept my toys in the wardrobe and had a bookcase built in one end to store all of my treasured books. There were two windows, it was a nice light and sunny room.

When we moved to Wellington my bedroom was upstairs and slightly smaller - no room for two beds anymore.

I covered the walls of both rooms with posters and postcards people had sent from around the world, or I had collected from places visited in New Zealand. I collected little ornaments too, some were Mum's passed down to me, others I won in side-shows at the A&P shows or was given for birthday and Christmas.

I had a standing order at the local newsagent in Fifth Ave, and later at Johnsonville Mall for 16, Tiger Beat and Seventeen. 16 & Tiger Beat were the best, filled with celebrity gossip about, interviews with and posters of TV stars, movie stars and singers.

There were other posters too, which I bought from Solomon's Seal in Johnsonville Mall with dreamy pictures and profound sayings "If you love something set it free..." and the like.

These are some of the posters I had back in the day...

Cat Stevens

Craig Scott

David Cassidy

The Jacksons

The Osmonds
 (the one from 16 had the Jacksons on the reverse side !)

There was David Essex as well, Bobby Sherman, Rick Springfield, Marc Bolan, Bay City Rollers and others. 

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