Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Dinner deliciousness

When we were in England last year we were really impressed by the number of businesses offering ready to prepare healthy meals delivered to your door once a week. The options were endless. Hello Fresh was the one which impressed us the most, but we didn't get the opportunity to try them out. Their veggie boxes looked divine. Not long after our arrival back at this end of the planet a company launched here too, but only offering meals for carnivores and families initially. But over time that has changed. 

So, we decided that we would try a Food Bag this week. Well actually we decided about two weeks ago, but we had missed the order deadline for that week, so we had to wait for last Sunday for our delivery.

We got the veggie option (obviously). Dinner for four nights. We started on Sunday instead of Monday, and so tonight we've had the last (although there are leftovers for lunch again). They have all been pretty easy to put together - even with our rubbish stove, We did set the smoke alarm off last night - and it was pretty close tonight as well.

Stupid oven which is a fire risk and has only two temperatures - you might remember me mentioning this before. 

So anyway, this is what we have been eating.


And now, we missed the deadline to pause the order for this week - so we are getting another delivery this weekend. Oh well. On the plus side the oven might be fixed by then...if not it could be "Hello Tenancy Tribunal, and goodbye to this landlord"

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