Friday, 30 October 2015

October is almost over

It has been a month, since we moved into a new home for "now". This house is not as great as our Christchurch home. In fact the owners seem to be like chalk and cheese. Where our Christchurch landlords loved and cherished their former home, and were quick to address any problems, this one seems to be a moneymaking scheme and no pride is taken in it's appearance. For less rent than we were paying in Christchurch this one has been a bit of a disappointment so far.

Still, we are comfortable enough - even though the kitchen is a nightmare (ONE power outlet and a rubbish oven), and the water pressure in the bathroom is pretty much a joke. I just don't get landlords who spend nothing on their property. Don't they realise it would increase resale value, and maybe even get better tenants in the future ?

Psst, been here a month and only just realised we can see this from where we park the cars. Doh !

Also have noticed a few other things about life up here in the big smoke:

  • The traffic isn't as bad as what everyone tells you
  • There are amazing parks - everywhere !
  • Public transport is pretty good, so far
  • Farro is like Moore Wilson but there are more of them
  • There is an ACTUAL Park and Ride (at the airport) - like a real one as in "they are everywhere in the UK"
  • The dawn chorus is really noisy - it is ages since we've been woken by such chatty avians
  • There are birds everywhere, I'd forgotten how noisy Mynahs are since there are none in Wellington or the South Island
  • It rains - we've had more precipitation in a month than we had in the whole year we were in Christchurch. Mostly only drizzly showers, but a few proper heavy downpours. I've missed that.
I would just like to say as well, that job searching is not my favourite thing.

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