Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Julius, Julius, wherefore art thou Julius ?

Last Monday I took a trip to Essex. Mostly I was going so that I could meet Lauren off the train on her way back from Belgium. But also because I thought it was an opportunity to do some family tree research without having a reluctant companion.

So off I went in search of the elusive great great grandfather who hasn’t left much of a paper trail for us at all. I drove around in circles a little in the area I “think” he was from, and spent some time at the Essex Record Office reading parish records. Very helpful people there, with all sorts of advice. But still, he is hiding. Grrr. 

Nana always said that "in England Timms' were ten a penny, but you never heard of much of Fuller's, although in New Zealand it was the other way around". She was right again I think.

So anyway, these are my photos from my day in “Julius country” 

they have these here too it seems...

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