Wednesday, 2 July 2014

So, Bristol

You seem quite pretty at times, then at other times and in other places - not so much. I cant decide now if I've made the wrong choice. I don't feel completely wowed by you, like I thought I would. And you have more hills than I remember too. I want to live on the flat.

We are staying in a cute Georgian flat I found on AirBnB. Which is very lovely, except that there is no tv. I like tv so that I can keep up with the news and the rest of the world. Plus its FIFA time and Wimbledon for heaven's sake. Also its not quite in the location I thought it was either so getting about is a bit of a drag.

Today we walked a million miles - that's more than even The Proclaimers sang about so we have sore feet like you wouldn't believe. We went to see a flat which was quite nice, on the south side of the city and river. Tomorrow we are going to see 4 more in the harbourside area. This is the area we'd quite like to live. Right next to the water, with cafes's and bars and lots of things happening on the river itself. 

We caught a little ferry across the river and back for 80p each way, That was cool - and you just signal the ferry man and he'll come get you.

The rest of the place seems disjointed though. The shopping precinct feels like it is not part of the same city, and sitting people watching from a cafe their doesn't seem to be any vibrancy or heart. But maybe we are judging too harshly, too soon.

I've applied for a couple of jobs, so we'll see what happens.


  1. early days Claire.For what it's worth, I think you did make the right decision. It's a fabulous opportunity that will never come your way again and think of the memories that you and your girl are making together.She may pick up the genealogy mantle and will be able to reminisce about her time with you.Think of all that genealogy stuff you can do at ground level there too.keep an yeye out for all those Richard Charles Dawes for me lol