Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Middle Earth

I've been a bit caught up with what is happening in Welly this week, instead of doing a bit of family tree research. So I thought I would see what I could find related on Trove.

We're a bit quirky here, and its a bit like any excuse for a party, or to get dressed up, or just congregate with a bunch of strangers and soak up the atmosphere. Wellington has been transforming into Middle Earth again ready for the premiere tomorrow of Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit". I thought I'd share some of the photos for others to see how we have gotten into the spirit.

The Hobbit Artisan Market in Waitangi Park - where you can buy authentic cloaks, swords and other items made by the artists who have created them for the set and the actors. Plus watch the 3 LOTR movies on the big screen with your friends and family and relive the magic.

At the airport - you can collect your bags from Bag End !! How cool is that  ? And upstairs there is Gollum

And back in town, where the red carpet will be walked tomorrow an advertising agency has encased their building with an image of Middle Earth

and Gandalf is waiting outside Bilbo's front door at the Embassy Theatre for the show to begin

There are hobbits and orcs and wizards and elves and gnomes all over the place, its getting all a bit magical.

I couldnt find much on Trove  - but I did find this

Chronicle (Adelaide SA  1895 - 1954) Thursday 10 January 1952 page 28 article93869947-3-001

This post forms part of Trove Tuesday as suggested by Amy, from Branches, Leaves & Pollen.

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